Home Restoration, Preservation, Rehabilitation, and Interpretive Period Style Design

18th Century Design is the aspect of my service focused on the preservation, restoration, and rehabilitation of antique architecture.    A necessary part of preservation often involves updating / expansion in order to accomodate the facilities we now require in our homes.   The manner in which this is done in each case should be with great sensitivity to the original details and character of the home.    If this is the kind of project you currently have in mind,   please be cautioned:     There are far too many architects and contractors who have little or no real understanding of what makes an antique home wonderful.  Bad things can happen when a fine antique is placed in the wrong hands.   The consequence of doing so results in the destruction of that beloved antique character which is dependant on hand crafted details and on irreplacable patina.  Once that happens, those details are gone and will be expensive or impossible to reproduce.   Yes, I am passionate about antique homes.                                                                                My practical understanding of the realities of home construction and finishing comes from over two decades of the construction of my own designs and from the many restoration projects I have completed.  On the Portfolio pages, the many projects speak of the accomplishments I have had working in this field over the past 30+ years.  For more about my qualifications, please see that page.  

     Appropriate Additions for Antique Homes

Sometimes an addition is the best way to preserve an antique home, so that the original antique fabric of the home can be kept and the addition can provide the updated spaces required for modern living.  In these cases, the best solution is to create an addition that can be differentiated from the original without detracting from it.  I generally feel that the style of the addition should fit the style of the original home but each home should be considered for itself.    My knowledge of the traditions of Early American craftsmanship and of structures and styles in the United States from mid Seventeenth Century through early 20th Century inform all my home design works.

Fine Home Design is the aspect of my service focused on such additions.  In all cases, my services are specifically oriented to you as the person / family who will live in the home I create / restore.    My intent is that your home delights you, supports you, and inspires you.   


      I will consider projects in any area of the United States.     Some areas of special interest and experience for me include Portland, Maine - Portsmouth, New Hampshire - Boston, Massachusetts - Harford & New Haven, Connecticut - Burlington & Woodstock, Vermont - Albany, New York - Philladelphia, Pennsylvania - Madison, Wisconsin - St. Paul, Minneapolis, & Brainerd, Minnesota - Carmel, Monterey, Tahoe, & Truckee, California - San Francisco Bay Area - Sante Fe & Taos, New Mexico - and the Pheonix, Arizona area.