Home Restoration, Period Style Homes, & Interpretive Design

Fine Home Design is the name of the new home design aspect of my service.

18th Century Design is name of the restoration, preservation, and conservation aspect of my service.  I say 18th Century which is perhaps my favorite part of the 250 year time span of homes I am interested in working on (late 17th Century to early 20th Century). 

       My service is very much oriented to you as the person/people who will live in the homes I create and restore.  My intent is that your home delights you, supports you, and inspires you.   

      The original home designs I create may reference, be influenced by, or inspired by one or more of the established and time tested architectural styles of the past.

     The focus of my restoration, reconstruction, and replication projects is to preserve viable examples of antique architecture.    A vital part of preservation is often making antique homes more livable to people of these modern times.   The manner in which this is done in each case should be with sensitivity to the original home. 

    The Portfolios of projects, shown on this site speak of the experience I have had working in this field over the past 30+ years.  

       Fine Home Design was formed as an extension of 18th Century Design, which I founded in 1985 and which in turn came out of my previous business, 18th Century Woodworking.  My knowledge of the tradition of 18th Century craftsmanship and of house structure and architectural styles in the United States throughout its history, inform all my home design work.   My practical understanding of the realities of home construction and finishing comes from well over two decades of the construction of my own designs and from the many restoration projects I have completed. 

      I will consider projects in any area of the United States.     Some areas of special interest and experience for me include Portland, Maine - Portsmouth, New Hampshire - Boston, Massachusetts - Harford & New Haven, Connecticut - Burlington & Woodstock, Vermont - Albany, New York - Philladelphia, Pennsylvania - Madison, Wisconsin - St. Paul, Minneapolis, & Brainerd, Minnesota - Carmel, Monterey, Tahoe, & Truckee, California - San Francisco Bay Area - Sante Fe & Taos, New Mexico - and the Pheonix, Arizona area.