Boynton House Restoration/Rehabilitation


This antique house predates the founding of the Governor's Academy as does the historic Dummer House nearby it.  The 12 over 12 light sash and the hand split lath indicate an 18th Century origin. The presence of two interior chimneys and a center hall and stair indicate a Georgian style plan. So I would classify this house in the style of Country Georgian.  To my knowledge, the date of origin has not been well established.   The house was being used as a girl's dormitory when in 1982 it was realized that it had serious structural issues. The school resolved to completely restore the historic building and to include a large modern bathroom for the girls use. This new dormitory type bathroom required a full waterproof rubber pan lining to protect the original plaster and woodwork below it from any future water damage.  We succeeded in insuring this protection. Other than this modern bathroom, the house is now in original restored condition.  We made extensive repairs to the original timber frame as these photos show, restoring the integrity of the front wall and the roof.  The twin fireplace chimneys were entirely rebuilt, using the original bricks, from the first floor fireboxes on up.   We replaced damaged lath and plaster inside, preserving the original hand-split lath, and recreated the original clapboard exterior, and front doorway surround, as well as doing paint restoration. This restoration was done during the summer break and was done on time and on budget.

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