New Antique Timber Framed Barn

North Hampton
New Hampshire

The owners of this early 18th Century colonial home wanted to add a large barn to complete the historic Continuous Architecture form (connected Big House, Little House, Back House, Barn) and also to find a place in the existing house for a new full Master bedroom suite. I was commissioned to do the architectural design and plans for both. I created a space in what had been the attic of the South Wing, seen at the left end in the picture. For daylight I added the window dormers as shown.  Thus the original building form was preserved and it avoided disturbing the historic features of the interior. The barn, was built according to the extensively detailed construction plans which I drew and it was constructed with all the correct traditional joints.  All the timber joinery was done on the site in the 18th Century manner.  The crew used power hand tool as well as joiner's chisles and mallets to precisely cut the joints.  The Bents were assembled on the barn floor using only the wooden pegs called trunnels or tree-nails. The bents were lifted by crane and the connecting beams installed to connect them. When done we nailed the traditional pine tree to the peak.  The final result was the completion of restoration of an example of Continuous Farm Architecture.

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