Restoration of the Shirley-Eustis House

Boston (Roxbury)
Massachusetts, USA

I was given the opportunity to restore many of the lost interior elements of the once grand, ca1740 Shirley Eustis House in 1982.  I was recommended for this work based on other fine woodworking projects which I had done in the Cape Ann & North Shore areas of Massachusetts.  The house was built for Wm. Shirley, a Royal Governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony.  The house was built on a height of land miles from and overlooking colonial Boston & its Bay.  Many famous patriots set foot in this house.  Late in the 1700s, some restyling was done according to the design of the renowned Boston Architect, Charles Bullfinch.  I participated in recreating some of the 1740 work and some of the 1795 work.  From the late 18th Century onwards the house suffered from misuse and neglect, eventually loosing much of its original interior. My commission included rebuilding walls and the cantilevered Ballroom balcony as well as recreating the fine finish woodwork in various of its rooms.  Other work was subsequently done to complete other parts of the house in later years, by other craftsmen.  I no longer do this extensive amount of woodworking.

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